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Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching in the Hope Valley

Are you looking for ways to improve your life?

Many people nowadays feel there are areas of their life that they need help with; whether in your personal, family or work life, or regarding sports or other areas of performance, I can help you to be the best you can be.

I provide a range of services to work with you as an individual; or to work with your child or the whole family together.

Hypnotherapy or Life Coaching – which is right for me?

Therapy is the process of healing problems that originate in the past, from our life experience and conditioning. Hypnotherapy uses states of relaxation and hypnosis to achieve this healing, and allow you to move forwards in your life in a positive way.  It is very effective when used alongside NLP techniques, and may include elements of coaching. It can often provide a basis for further coaching to achieve those outcomes you want to achieve. Issues such as anxiety, panic and phobias, and long-term habits or conditions (including sleep issues) respond very well to hypnotherapy.

Coaching is the process of helping another person to achieve a desired outcome by helping them to identify and access their resources (both internal and external), and providing a structured framework to help them progress to their desired outcome. Coaching may involve clearing up past issues that are preventing you from reaching your goals, but the focus is always on the future. Performance coaching focusses on improving performance in a specific area of expertise. Personal or life coaching focusses on personal development and the individual performing better (whether in business or personal life).  Family or relationship coaching focusses on improving relationships by the individual (or family, if working together) making changes that transform the relationships to improve the situation for everyone involved.

Some issues, such as stress management, depression and confidence/ performance issues respond well either to hypnotherapy or coaching, depending on your personal preference. Often, a course of hypnotherapy to identify and ‘clear out’ past issues that have contributed to the problem developing can be followed by a structured course of coaching to really help you to make long-lasting change as you are supported to develop new, more positive habits and ways of thinking.

Hypnotherapy sessions are face to face in a comfortable room at The Treatment Space in the beautiful Hope Valley; coaching sessions can either be face to face or via Skype or similar.

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Lucy Atkinson
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Sarah DadswellSarah Dadswell
12:32 09 Jan 20
I'm a busy mum who also runs her own business and recently attended a weekend retreat for busy mums led by Lucy. I didn't really know what to expect but it turned out to be a really helpful and fun weekend. The venue was lovely and the atmosphere relaxed. This was my first experience of life-coaching and I found it truly helpful. I'm sure that this was mostly down to Lucy's skills and approach. I have a new toolkit to approach life, which is already proving to be very useful.
Vanessa BallVanessa Ball
18:36 30 Sep 19
Lucy has really changed my life, I now feel a more confident person and have approached problems in my life a lot differently. I now feel I can live my full life without the anxiety and issues that plagued me before. I have always looked forward to our sessions together and would highly recommend her.
india morrisindia morris
14:13 20 May 19
I was a little skeptical when starting the course however quickly saw the benefits. Lucy has taught me how to understand my own stresses and worries and help me to deal with them in productive ways, meaning I am no longer stressed or worried! She understands each individual and tailors her courses accordingly. I would recommend to anyone who currently feels overwhelmed and would like to feel chilled. Thank you!
Kathy ChapmanKathy Chapman
18:20 23 Mar 19
Lucy organised a retreat for stressed Mums, a weekend away from everything, fully catered, swimming pool onsite with the bonus of life coaching. It was amazing, to feel nurtured and cared for, to put aside the daily stress and spend time with a group of supportive women and to be given some great tools that will help me move forwards with both my family life and my marriage. Going forward it will change the way I manage my self care and subsequently my family as a whole will function better.
Liz ConnorLiz Connor
16:54 29 Jan 19
Lucy is a brilliant life coach who specialises in helping women to achieve their goals. From learning to be more assertive to being more productive with my time, her method is great if you're about to embark on a big life project. Over my three months of sessions, she helped me to figure out my life goals and the steps I need to take to get there. I'm now enjoying the process of putting them into place. Her friendly approach made checking in for our weekly catch ups a joy. I would highly recommend.
Karen FoxhallKaren Foxhall
09:34 24 May 18
Lucy is amazing! I am currently 4 sessions in to a 12 week programme and I have seen such fantastic results already - I look forward to my next session. (I have had sessions by Skype and face-to-face and they work equally as well.) I have struggled with depression, low self-esteem, issues with confidence and anxiety for a number of years and with the guidance from Lucy's life coaching sessions I'm already feeling so much more positive, in control, full of energy and more me! My friends and family have already been commenting on how relaxed and happy I am. I'm so excited about completing the programme. I just wish I had done this sooner.